Big turnout for March Plenary of the PPN

A big thank you to the many groups who came out to the March plenary of the PPN in Corcaghan last night.  The meeting was preceded by an EGM of Monaghan Community Forum, at which a resolution was passed to dissolve the Forum, clearing the way for the PPN to take up the reins.

The main business of the Plenary was to put some more detail to the issues which had been identified by the Municipal District PPN’s back in January as being important to the well-being of the people of Co Monaghan. The priorities identified by the PPN will feed into a number of important strategies over the coming months, and help to decide how and where funding resources should be allocated around the county.

Also at the meeting, the Electoral College places on the PPN Secretariat were filled.  We extend a warm welcome to:

Social Inclusion EC:

  • Packie Kelly  (Excluded Voices)
  • Siobhan McKenna (Tearmann Domestic Violence Support)

Environment EC:

  • Pat Merrick ( Castleblayney Tidy Towns)
  • Michael Connolly (Transition Monaghan)

Community & Voluntary EC:

  • Noel Carney  (Dartrey Heritage Group)
  • Linda Moore (Kilmore/ Swanns Cross Community Alert)

Congratulations to all, and thank you for taking on the responsibility of directing the work of the PPN on behalf of the communities of Co Monaghan.

Plenary March 2015 secretariat Plenary March 2015 crowd Plenary March 2015 workshop


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