Your views wanted on LCDC’s Socio Economic Statement

The LCDC is  currently seeking the views of the people of Co Monaghan, in order to help identify the priority issues and areas where it should concentrate resources over the next five years. The issues identified now may have consequences for how new funding programmes such as LEADER and PEACE are delivered in the county.  So it’s important to have your say. You can view the draft Statement, and take a short survey to help you to give your views on it here .

Note: The LCDC is the Local Community Development Committee.  It is a committee under the wing of the County Council, but which consists of all stakeholders in local development, including state agencies, local development companies and the community & voluntary sector.

Together, the LCDC has to devise a Local Economic & Community Plan, which will determine where the priority areas for development are in the county. This in turn will influence how funding gets allocated from the various government and EU funding programmes, such as the Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme (SICAP), which funds the work of Monaghan Integrated Development,  and the new LEADER programme for rural development, amongst others.

Its work therefore will affect you in a very real way. So have  your say!


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