Can your Group help spread the word about the Garda Home Security Challenge?


Supporting Safer Communities Campaign safety week 2015


“Take the home Security Checklist Challenge”


The Supporting Safer Communities Campaign will be officially launched by the Assistant Commissioner Nolan at Bloom on Thursday, the 28th May 2015. It is running from Thursday, the 28th May to Wednesday, the 3rd June 2015.  The focus of the campaign is on “HOME SECURITY” and Gardaí are encouraging the public to take the “Home Security Checklist Challenge

Figures from An Garda Síochána Analysis Service indicate a rise in the number of reported residential burglaries over the last year. They point out that two out of three burglaries occur in the home.


The analysis also shows that on average over 50% of burglars enter through the rear of the home and 20% enter through an unlocked door or window. In June this number rises to 30%.

Sergeant Kelvin Courtney of the National Crime Prevention Unit said:


“Burglars like easy opportunities. If they have to make a lot of noise, spend a lot of time or risk being seen, the chances are they won’t bother. A good rule of thumb is the 3 minute delay test. If you can deny entry for 3 minutes or more – chances are the burglars will go elsewhere.


Robust Doors and Windows, properly fitted with quality locking systems present a good physical barrier to the burglar. However if a door or window has been left open, their security qualities won’t make any difference.


Good neighbours are priceless, particularly when you’re going away. Leave a key with a trusted neighbour. Get them to collect your post and your deliveries if you haven’t already cancelled them. They might even leave their spare car in your drive way when you’re away. Remember the burglar is looking for signs of an empty house so don’t give them any.

It’s always a good idea to join a community crime prevention programme like neighbourhood watch or community alert. There’s security in numbers.


The Home Security Checklist Challenge available here and on the Garda website is simple survey which takes a few minutes to complete and enables the house holder to see just how secure their home is.”



An Garda Síochána recommends people take the following steps to reduce the chances of their home being burgled:


–           Secure all doors and windows

–           Light up your home and use timer switches on lights for when you are out

–           Store keys safely and away from windows and letterboxes

–           Record details of valuables and don’t keep large cash amounts at home

–           Use your alarm, even when you are at home


An info graphic providing some of the information contained above is available via email from the Garda Press Office at




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