PPN produces a Summary of the Strategies currently out to Consultation

We have been talking a lot in recent posts about documents which are currently out to public consultation, and which potentially will have a big impact on you and your community over the coming years.

We know not everyone likes taking huge mountains of jargon-filled paperwork to bed with them (at least, not unless they’re Don’t we look after you well?looking for a cure for insomnia!)

So we’ve condensed the documents into a ‘what you need to know’ format.

You can read it all here, in one easy sitting.

A Summary of the Documents

Once you’ve read the documents, then what? Well, you might have something to say about some of it. Maybe you think something important has been left out? Or that the direction been taken is wrong. Or that the focus is on the wrong things.

You might want to bring your thoughts to the attention of the writers of the Strategy in question.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • – as an individual, giving your own personal opinion
  • – as a spokesman for a group
  • – as a member of the PPN, which will be preparing a submission on behalf of the community & voluntary sector

If you’re going with either the first or second option above, we recommend that you make your opinion known in writing.  But it needn’t be a long tome. An email or letter to the appropriate person should suffice.

If you would like us to include your views in our PPN submission, come along to our Plenary Meeting on 16th June at 8pm in Corcaghan Community Centre, and participate in the workshops which will form the basis of our discussions.

leaflet for Plenary June 2015

Where to make your submission:

For the LCDC:  submissions to Fintan McPhillips at fmcphillips@monaghancoco.ie  on or before 19th June. OR you can complete a quick online survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SBJ5B9Y

For the JPC: The details of the consultation have yet to be announced. Watch this space…

For the County Tourism Plan: submissions to Dympna Condra at dcondra@monaghancoco.ie on or before 19th June. More info & a copy of the draft Plan: http://www.monaghan.ie/en/newsevents/name,12084,en.html


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