Can YOU Help to Create Jobs in Co Monaghan?

Connect Ireland thinks you can.  And they want to reward you for it.

The concept is simple: we all have relatives, friends, business contacts out abroad.  And we know that one of the most powerful reasons a company gives for deciding on where to locate their operation is that there is a personal connection in some way with the area.

So, Connect Ireland would like you to have a think: is there someone in your address book that may, just MAY, be in a position to bring some jobs into the country?  Connect Ireland would like you to forward their name and contact details, and they will take it from there.

Here’s the reward bit:  if, down the line,  that initial contact you gave them leads to actual jobs being made somewhere in Ireland,  Connect Ireland will PAY you €1,500 for EACH JOB.   There are people around Ireland who have earned upwards of €100,000 just for providing a name.

Connect Ireland is a government initiative. It’s all above board. We’ve checked it out. It’s on the level. So, get your thinking cap on: is there a great grand nephew out there who might be in a position of influence within a multinational looking to establish a foothold in the EU?  This could be his lucky day…… 🙂


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