Fancy being a TV star? David McWilliams is looking for Monaghan people to speak about how they were affected by the economic downturn

RTE has commissioned a one hour documentary, to be presented by the economist and writer David McWilliams, for transmission in September 2015.

In the words of McWilliams, setting out his starting point for this documentary; “the mood I get is one of unfairness, people feel (rightly or wrongly) that they have been left behind and they don’t know why. I’d like to get to the bottom of that”

On a human level, the aftermath of the recession seems to have left the country with a sense of impotence and frustration. That frustration might be seen on the streets, in the ballot box or on social media…but is it rife throughout society or just among a vocal minority? Emerging from recession, have people become alienated from a political process which they feel has let them down or with an economic recovery which they have yet to benefit from? What sort of a country will be going forward? These are just some of the questions we hope to uncover within the documentary.

As well as interviewing a host of economic experts, authors and  journalists, the documentary will film in a selection of towns across Ireland to get an insight into what people are really feeling about some of the above topics. They are very interested in hearing the opinions of people in Monaghan in relation to inequality, austerity, the notion of ‘trickle down’ wealth etc. They hope to film in the town in the coming weeks and would love to chat to anyone who might be interested in getting involved.

Martha Moloney, the producer of the documentary, will be in Monaghan on August 12th to meet and chat with people.  Have you got something to say?

You can reach Martha at Animo TV productions on (01) 646 8223 or


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