Please help us to make a submission on the proposed EIRGRID interconnector, by completing this very short survey

EIRGRID are currently applying for planning permission for an overground high-power interconnector line which will pass through significant areas of Co. Monaghan.

This is the second time EIRGRID has applied for planning permission for this project. It is a fresh application, and therefore any submissions made on the prior application will not be considered. If you have an opinion on this new proposal, you need to make a fresh submission.

You can find details of the planning application on:

The PPN is circulating this survey to all community groups in the county, asking them to respond by 22nd August.   The PPN will then compile the responses into one submission. We hope that by surveying the whole county in this manner, our submission will carry some weight behind it. The PPN is NOT taking a position on this issue. Our job is to put the issue to you, the members. We will then present your feedback in a factual manner. For example, the submission might say:

“The PPN represents XX community groups throughout Co Monaghan. These groups in turn have a direct membership of YY. A survey has been circulated to all member groups. Xx groups responded. Their collective response to the survey is as follows:

  • Xx% are against the Interconnector as currently proposed
  • The concerns cited by those opposed are:
    • Health (xx%)
    • Destruction of the scenic, rural character of the landscape (yy%)
  • Yy% indicated they would support an underground option”

In order for the PPN submission to carry as much weight as possible, we need as many member groups as possible to respond. So please take a few minutes to discuss the issue at your next committee meeting, then complete and return this survey.

You may make a submission to An Bord Pleanala on or before 5.30pm on 24th August. You may do so as an individual, as part of a community group, as a business – or even as all three!

Responding to this survey from the PPN does not prevent you from making a submission directly yourself.

Closing date for return of survey: 22nd August. Please return to


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