Call for nominations for vacant seats on Secretariat

Due to resignations during the year, there are TWO positions currently open on the PPN Secretariat. The Secretariat is the steering committee of the PPN. Its job is to consider the many issues facing the community sector in Co Monaghan and what the community’s stance should be, then to support the various community reps on the decision-making structures to get that stance heard when the decisions are being made. The Secretariat meets once a month, usually the 3rd Tuesday, from 8 to 10pm. Travel expenses are reimbursed for those who give their time to serve on this important body.

If you are interested in serving, we are currently recruiting for the following vacancies on the Secretariat:

Clones Ballybay MD rep.
– Monaghan MD rep.

To put yourself forward for either of these positions,
– You must be a member of a community group which is registered with the PPN
– Your group must be registered under the Municipal District in which you are standing
You can check if your group is registered, and which MD it’s listed under, here:

Nominations will be accepted up until Friday 13th November, and appointments will be ratified at next Tuesday’s Plenary meeting. If there is more than one nominee for either or both of the seats, an election will be held on the night.

For this reason, we are asking all nominees to supply a paragraph on themselves and their community experience to help voters to choose their candidate.

You can download the nomination forms here:

Nomination form for MONAGHAN MD seat

Nomination form for CLONES BALLYBAY MD seat


Please return to before 5pm on Friday 13th November.

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