Are you about Monaghan town this Wednesday?

Could you give  a few minutes to support a very worthy campaign?

Monaghan Women’s Network have joined the Ban Ki-moon “Orange The World” Campaign! From the 25th November to 10th December we will highlight the issue of Violence Against Women as a human rights and equality issue and strengthen local work around violence against women including domestic violence as well as showing our solidarity to women around the world.

We need women, men and families to help us launch this campaign at Monaghan Courthouse at 1pm on Wednesday 25th November 2015. Comen along and wear something orange!

What has this to do with Monaghan?

The  Irish Court Service statistical report in 2014 revealed some shocking facts about Co Monaghan:

  1. A higher proportion of people from Monaghan have stood trial for rape than anywhere else in Ireland over the past three years.
  2. The highest proportion of defendants for serious sexual assault  have been from either Monaghan or Waterford at 17 per 100,000.
  3. Monaghan has the worst record when it comes to rape, attempted rape and serious sexual assault with a rate of 15 per 100,000.

Help us to change these statistics.

Be part of the solution – come out and show your support.



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