Thinking of voting in the General Election – Well….are you sure you CAN????

If you’re not registered, you can’t vote. So do you know if you’re on the Register?

The Live Register is published on February 1st each year and comes into force on February 15th. It is used at each election and referendum held in the following 12 months. Being on the Live Register does not automatically entitle a person to vote in ALL elections. To check which elections you can vote in please check your Election Type on your personal details screen. For inclusion in the Register of Electors you must complete  a RFA1_Application_Form.

Do not assume that because you used to be on the Register, that you still are.  A change of address might mean your vote doesn’t find you –

You can check if you are registered to vote, and that your contact details are correct, through the online Check the Register service. Printed copies of the Live Register are available to be viewed at local authority offices, Post Offices, Garda stations and libraries.

 Supplementary Register

If you find you’re not on the Register, it’s not too late to correct this before the General Election.  You need to apply for inclusion in the Supplementary Register.

The Supplementary Register is generated after an election/referendum has been announced. This allows for people who may be entitled to be included on the Register to apply for inclusion up to 14 days before Polling Day. The Supplementary Register would typically consist of electors who will be 18 years old by the date of the election/referendum or electors who have changed address since the last Live Register was published.

Persons who are not registered to vote must complete the RFA2 Application Form.

Persons who are applying for a change of address must apply on the RFA3 Application Form.

Persons who are already registered but were not a citizen of Ireland on the qualifying date for that register but subsequently became a citizen of Ireland RFA5 Application Form

Application for Inclusion in the Supplement to the Postal Voters’ List by Persons with a Physical Illness or a Physical Disability PVS 1 Application Form

Application for Inclusion in the Supplement to the Postal Voters’ List – Electors unable to Vote at their Polling Station Due to Circumstances of Occupation etc. (Including Certain Students) PVS 2 Application Form

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