Yesterday, we were giving away cash… week it’s knowledge…….


Yes, you’ve read that right!

From next Thursday, you, dear member of the public who is interested in helping their community in some way (which is why you’re keeping an eye on what we’re up to, presumably!),  will be able to avail of FREE training on a number of topics that our Members told us in a recent survey they felt they needed help with.

Yes, we said FREE.   We’ve booked the venues.  We’ve paid the tutors, who are from the excellent Carmichael Centre. We’re even providing tea and perhaps even a chocolate biscuit!….

The courses are:

  • Event Management, Thursday 20th Oct 7-10pm, Ulster Canal Stores,  Clones
  • Community Leadership, Monday 24th Oct 7-10pm, Magheracloone Community Centre
  • Writing a Community Development Plan, Tuesday 25th Oct 7-10pm, Aghabog Community Centre
  • Committee Skills, Wednesday 26th Oct 7-10pm, Doohamlet Community Centre
  • How to Write Funding/Grant Applications Training, Thursday 27th Oct 7-10pm, Latton Recource Centre

Naturally,  there is a limit to the number of people who can attend each course, and places will be filled on a first come, first served basis. SO YOU NEED TO BOOK YOUR PLACE.

You can do that by completing the form below.  Just tick the course(s) you wish to attend and submit the form. The wonder of the interweb will wing your form off by email to Leona, who will record your booking and confirm it to you by email or phone – so make sure your contact details are correct.  If you don’t hear from Leona, phone her on 047 73724 to be sure she received your booking.



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