Water Quality project along Fane

The LAWCO office (Local Authority Water & Communities) has been in touch to say that they’re organising a number of community events in March with the aim of creating a ‘vision’ for the rivers which flow into Dundalk Bay. This includes the Fane, which flows from Lough Muckno through Inniskeen. An event is planned for Carrickmacross Workshouse on 13th March and in Hope Lodge Castleblayney on 21st March and for the Glyde river in Kingscourt on 15th March as well as the Co. Louth venues. 

The initiative is being led by Gretta McCarron, formerly of This Parish – having worked for Monaghan Community Forum for a time. As you will be aware, the LEADER programme has funding for the ‘protection and sustainable use of water resources’, so collaborating as a community with the assistance of LAWCO to improve water quality in your area could bring funding into your community and make a real difference to the environment you live in.

To register for any of the events, contact Gretta on gmccarron@lawco.ie or 085 808 5756

Facebook.com/watersandcommunities http://www.watersandcommunities.ie


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