Have you considered entering any of the Special Award categories in the National Tidy Towns competition?

Did you know that the Special Award categories in the National Tidy Towns competition are open to entries from any community group -not just Tidy Towns groups?

In addition to the main competition, Special Awards are held each year under TidyTowns which highlight particular local environmental activities.

Terms and conditions may differ under each, but in general entry to these competitions is open to all TidyTowns groups and others working in the community to improve their local environment.

Here are some of the Special Awards, and the prizes available under each:

Waters and Communities Award – Prize Fund €7,000

This award aims to encourage communities to get more involved with their local water bodies by helping to preserve, promote and fully utilise their local natural heritage. Community groups who have shown an appreciation for their water environment and water heritage in general during 2016 will be considered (examples include: clean ups; provision or upgrading of amenities; support to biodiversity; promotion of fishing; awareness raising; etc.). This award is sponsored by Inland Fisheries Ireland, Waterways Ireland and the Local Authority Waters and Communities Office and is open to all community groups to apply.

For more details, including the entry form, see http://www.fisheriesireland.ie/Notices/waters-and-communities-tidytowns-competition-2017.html or click ‘Water & Communities Award’

Youth Award Prize Fund €5,000

A Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs Award

Sponsored by SuperValu

The Special Youth Award is a new initiative of the SuperValu TidyTowns competition which aims to celebrate the contribution of young people to TidyTowns activities and to encourage greater youth involvement with TidyTowns groups.  The award is for young people aged under 18 years of age.  Awards will be made at National and Regional level for projects which substantially involve young people, working together with their local TidyTowns group, to deliver benefits to their local community.

 Four Regional Award Winners   €1,000 each

There will also be an additional prize of €1,000 for the overall winner of the four regions.

For more details see www.supervalu.ie or click ‘Youth Award’



Sponsored by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Climate change presents key challenges for all of us. We must ensure that what we do today does not compromise our environment, but instead enhances it and makes it a place where all generations, current and future, can live in a sustainable way. Through the “Our Community Climate Action Award”, we are aiming to promote leadership in communities in addressing the challenges posed by climate change and to encourage all of the community to take positive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect their community from the impacts of climate change.

This year, we are looking for you to tell us about one key initiative underway in your community which makes a positive contribution to the climate challenge – Our Community Climate Action. The action should be innovative and easily replicated in other local communities. Recognising the key role of the younger generation in the climate challenge, an award is also available this year for a Young Tidy Towns committee on the same theme.

The prize fund this year is Best Large Town- €2,225 Best Small Town – €2,225 & one prize of €500 for a youth award. 

For more details see www.dccae.gov.ie or click ‘Community Climate Action Award’


Sustainable Development Award – Prize Fund €5,000

Sponsored by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Inclusive communities respect biodiversity, social diversity and most of all our own diversity.

We would like you to create a new leisurely walk. The goal for this project is to create a place where people can meet friends, get some light exercise and not have any demands placed on them.  The only equipment required should be comfortable shoes.

The walk should be at least 300 metres with items of interest all along the route and a seating area at about 150 metres intervals. The short route and seating areas should allow people of all ages and physical fitness to participate.  The more energetic can do more laps.

The €5,000 prize fund will be divided as follows: 1st place €1,000; 2nd place €800; 3rd place €700; and five prizes of €500.

16 Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer, Greener & Fun | On the Commons

For more details see www.dccae.gov.ie or click ‘Sustainable Development Award’


Waste Prevention Award – Environmental Protection Agency – Prize Fund €2,000

The EPA Waste Prevention Award is to recognise communities that have undertaken activities to prevent waste and use resources efficiently. Any initiatives to reduce: waste, water use, energy use, or use of materials is included; whether by the community, householders, businesses, schools, with your local authority, or other organisations.

The overall national winner will receive a €1,000 prize, with 2 national runner-up prizes of €500 each.

For more details, see localprevention.ie/tidytowns or click ‘Waste Prevention Award’


Can It! 2017 – Alupro Ireland – Prize Fund €2,000

Alupro Ireland (Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation) was founded in 2007, to help stimulate awareness and focus the public interest on aluminium packaging recycling and the benefit in protecting our natural resources by recycling our aluminium packaging.

Can It! has been running as a successful partnership between Alupro Ireland and the TidyTowns Unit with some wonderful results from schools and community groups around Ireland taking part and working hard to produce some creative artworks from used aluminium cans and foils. We have had all sorts from schools projects to bring bank signage, to windmills, dragons and sharks.  We hope to see many more artworks and ingenious ideas on how to re-use your used aluminium packaging in 2017.


For more details see www.aluproireland.ie or click ‘Can It’


Heritage Award – Heritage Council – Prize Fund €1,000

The Heritage Award seeks to recognise those who work to benefit heritage, improve our local environment and involve the community.

The Heritage Award, which is sponsored by the Heritage Council, aims to promote a greater awareness of the value of heritage to people’s quality of life and to sustainable economic development.

The Heritage Council wants to support people and projects that demonstrate the value of heritage and how it connects to people’s lives. The project must benefit the public and an aspect of heritage, as set out in the Heritage Act.

For more details see www.heritagecouncil.ie or click ‘Heritage Award’

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