Is there a defibrillator in your community?

What happens when there’s an emergency in your community, and someone calls for an ambulance?

The call gets put through to the National Ambulance Service, which has a computerised locator system which helps them to pinpoint where the caller is calling from.  That system can then alert the Call Taker to any ‘Public Access Defibrillators’ which are in the area,  so that the Call Taker can prompt the caller to go fetch it in case it’s needed.

Why might a defibrillator be needed at the scene of an emergency?  Well, a person who is having an asthma attack, for example, might suddenly stop breathing and their heart might stop.  So what might start out as seeming like a simple, non-heart-related call can suddenly need a defibrillator in a hurry!

Now here’s the really silly part.  We all know that that there are many, many defibrillators in Co. Monaghan.  Many of us have contributed to fundraisers for them!  But the National Ambulance Service KNOWS of just EIGHT of them;  four of these are located in Monaghan County Council buildings, two in doctors’ surgeries, one in Oram GAA complex, and one in the Hillgrove Hotel.

So, if there was an emergency in your community tomorrow, you could have defibrillators spaced 1km apart throughout your whole area, but the Ambulance Service wouldn’t know to send anyone to fetch one, and couldn’t direct them to the nearest one, UNLESS YOU GIVE THE AMBULANCE SERVICE THE DETAILS OF THEIR LOCATIONS!!!!

You can do this very easily.  Just email and request the defibrillator locator form.  Fill it out and return it.  Job done. Peace of mind.

The National Ambulance Service will be sharing a map of the defibrillator locations with Monaghan County Council. It is hoped to use this to build further projects to support more life-saving initiatives in the future.

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