Come help celebrate 100 years of Lithuania!

There are some 2500 Lithuanians living in County Monaghan, making them the largest non-Irish population in the county, at 4% of the population.

Ireland has many things in common with Lithuania, amongst them a history of occupation by a larger neighbour, and the fact that they both very recently won their independence.

Remember how big an occasion 2016 was for us proud Irish?

Well, 2018 marks 100 years since the foundation of Lithuania as an independent state.

We would like to help our Lithuanian friends, colleagues and neighbours mark this occasion by inviting the people of Monaghan to come celebrate with them in the Museum at 6pm this Friday, July 6th.

The 6th July has a special significance for Lithuanians. It is a public holiday in Lithuania, and is celebrated as ‘Statehood Day’.  It is traditional that the national anthem be sung at a set time, and this will be honoured at the Monaghan event.

There will be plenty of delicious treats on offer, as well as entertainment.

This is the first time that the Lithuanian community in Monaghan town has held an event outside of their own community, and we would very much appreciate if the people of Monaghan could show their support and encouragement by attending this event.

mindaugas day

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