Funding for Peace projects

The Dept of Foreign Affair’s Reconciliation Fund opens for applications on Monday 25th March. The Reconciliation Fund awards grants to organisations working to build better relations within and between the traditions in Northern Ireland, the North and South, and Ireland and Britain.

This Fund accepts applications twice a year, and is open to organisations which are working to promote peace and reconciliation. Grants are normally for once-off projects, rather than for work of a continuing nature, although each request is considered on its merits.

Consideration for funding from the Reconciliation Fund will be based on the extent to which the proposed programme has the potential to contribute to:

  • Reconciliation through education, dialogue, culture and commemoration;
  • Promotion of tolerance and respect;
  • Challenging stereotypes of one’s own and other communities/identities;
  • Development and strengthening of meaningful and lasting cross-border links;
  • Academic research where the primary purpose relates to promoting reconciliation

The Fund will focus its support through two thematic pillars, outlined as follows:

  • Repairing of those issues which lead to division, conflict, and barriers to a deeply reconciled and peaceful society;
  • Building a strong civil society that encompasses all communities, through the continued implementation of the Agreements and promoting a rights-based society, political stability and respect for all.

Organisations wishing to apply for funding will find further information on how they can apply on the Dept’s website (

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