Funding for Older People’s Activities

The 2019 National Grant Scheme for Sport and Physical Activity for Older People is now open!
The Grant Scheme is a joint initiative between Age & Opportunity’s Go for Life programme and Sport Ireland. Grants are available to all eligible local clubs, groups and organisations that promote increased participation in recreational sport or physical activity for older people as a main element of their activities. A total of approx €300,000 was available in grants in 2018.

The National Grant Scheme aims to assist in the implementation of locally-developed, well-planned initiatives designed to increase participation in recreational sport and physical activity by older people. In particular, the scheme is aimed at:

  • supporting the work of Go for Life including the network of PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) and the development of Go for Life Games and other initiatives;
  • assisting local clubs/organisations to enhance existing opportunities for their members in recreational sport and physical activity;
  • assisting local clubs/organisations to start new initiatives geared at involving older people in recreational sport and physical activity

The grant application deadline is 12pm Friday 27th September

Further information and application packs are available at the Age & Opportunity website address

If you need any assistance or support with the grant application please don’t hesitate to Monaghan Sports Partnership Office on 042-9755126.

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