How do I join?

Membership is open to all community & voluntary groups with an address in Co Monaghan
(this excludes regional groups)

Join here

Notes to help you register correctly:

  • Groups should be in existence at least 6 months, have a set of rules and a Chair, and should meet at least once a year. There are no other criteria for membership at this time.
  • Groups should register with the County PPN, and also with the Municipal District in which they have a postal address.
  • If your group is a county-wide group, you should still register with the MD in which you have a postal address.
  • The one exception to this is where there is a County Board which represents multiple local branches in Co Monaghan.  This should register as ‘County Only’  The local branches register with their MD
  • You can provide the names of any two members of your group – it doesn’t have to be the Chair and Secretary. However, the people you choose should be in regular contact with your group, as all information will be sent to them, and they will hold the voting rights for your group.
  • You don’t have to join any of the Linkage Groups or Networks.  Just if you think it would be helpful to your group.
  • Membership of most Networks is free; however, there is an annual membership fee for County Monaghan Community Network.  CMCN will contact you to discuss this when we forward your membership request to them.

You can also join by downloading this Registration-form 2015 and returning it to the address on the form.



Should you wish to deregister your group (eg if it ceases to exist), you can do so at any time by emailing the ppn at  and writing ‘please remove (name of Group)’ in the subject header.

In order to ensure that the email request is genuine, you will be contacted to confirm the deregistration request before we remove your details from the database.

2 thoughts on “How do I join?

  1. As a camogie Club I am not really sure what ‘grouping’ – if any! – we should be entering!!

    Geraldine Clarke (Secretary)


    • Hi Geraldine,
      The answer is Community & Voluntary – that’s where everyone goes except for Environment or Social Inclusion-focused groups.
      You also need to look at which Municipal District you’re based in. So for example a camogie club based in Castleblayney would tick the ‘Carrickmacross Castleblayney MD’ box


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