How to Crack Volunteering Problems

Monaghan PPN has invited Monaghan Volunteer Centre to facilitate an information session on how to Support and Motivate Volunteers. This will be a great opportunity to find out how to do this from Grace and Sinead in Monaghan Volunteer Centre. This will be beneficial to your group now and in the future, so please come along. Thursday 7th November from 7pm to 9.30pm in Ballybay Wetlands Centre.

2nd Public Consultation on the N2 Clontibret to Border Road Scheme

2nd Public Consultation on the N2 Clontibret to Border Road Scheme
Monaghan County Council is working to upgrade a 28km section of the N2 National Primary Road between Clontibret and the Northern Ireland Border.

A first public consultation took place for the ‘Study Area and Constraints’ in June/July 2019. The key constraints within the study area have been reviewed and feedback received through the public consultation has been considered. Route Corridor Options have now been developed for the scheme and a second public consultation period is now opening.

Two public consultation days will take place for the N2 Clontibret to Border scheme in the Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan on the 22nd and 23rd October 2019 between 2pm and 8pm each day. Further information about the project and a feedback form can be downloaded from the project website Maps of the Route Corridor Options will be published on the website from 22nd October 2019.

Submissions can be made electronically or by FREEPOST up until Thursday 21st November 2019 for the N2 Clontibret to Border Scheme.

More information can be found on the project website

FREE Social Media Training for Monaghan Community Groups

Monaghan PPN has organised a series of FREE Social Media sessions which will take place on

Tuesday 5th November 10am – 1pm in Castleblayney Enterprise Centre

Tuesday 12th November 7pm – 10pm in Ballybay Wetlands Centre

Tuesday 26th November 7pm – 10pm in St Josephs Pastoral Centre

Training will be delivered by Claire Cunningham of Aura Internet Services. Please let all members of your group know about this training.

To register please contact Leona Keenan at 047 73750 or email

National Fire Safety Week (7th-13th October 2019)

National Fire Safety Week is jointly run with the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service to enhance fire safety, particularly in the home. This year the main theme is: –
‘Safer Together’
This year we will not only be encouraging people to have smoke alarms and test them, we will also be encouraging the wider community to look out for each other – especially those most vulnerable and at risk. We can all be ‘Safer Together’.

* On average 39 people die each year in FIRES in this country *

Together We Can STOP Fire –
S – is for Smoke alarms.
This gives you an early warning of a fire. 82% of fires resulting in fatalities had no working Smoke Alarm.
Make sure to:
• Have at least one Smoke Alarm (on the ceiling) on every level in your home
• Change the batteries every year
• When the warning beep sounds change the battery immediately
And remember: – Smoke produced in a fire will not necessarily wake you; it is more likely to put you into a deeper sleep so you need a smoke alarm to wake you up.

T – is for Test your smoke alarm at least once a week

O – is for Obvious dangers of fire in your home
• Smoking when tired
• Leaving burning candles unattended
• Leaving matches and lighters where children can get them
• Leaving chip pans, frying pans unattended
• Placing things too close to fires and heaters
• Using faulty electrical appliances
• Overloading electrical sockets

P – is for Plan your Escape
Escaping from a fire will be a lot easier if you have already planned your escape route:
• Keep escape routes clear of obstructions
• Keep keys to doors and windows immediately available
• Close all doors at night time
• Carry out a routine fire safety check before going to bed
If you discover a fire, or the smoke alarm sounds, you will only have a short time to get out. If possible:
• Close the door of the room where the fire is
• Get everyone out as quickly as possible and stay out
• Telephone the fire service on 999/ 112 from a neighbour’s house or mobile phone
• Never go back into a house until the fire service says it is safe to do so

Next week Fire personnel will be in your local town giving fire safety advice – For dates & times, keep an eye on facebook @monaghanfire&rescue and twitter @monaghan_fire.

Introductory Training in Renewable Energy Technologies Closing Date

Introductory Training in Renewable Energy Technologies
Closing date to apply for this training is today Friday 20th September
Are you, or your Enterprise, or your Community group interested in developing your awareness and understanding of the different types of Renewable Energy Technologies that are available? Monaghan Integrated Development is planning to run a training programme commencing Wednesday the 25th of September. Please check out the website for further details.
If you have any queries, contact Patricia Woods on (042) 9749500 or email