How Reps Report Back

After every meeting they attend on behalf of the community, the reps send in a quick report, summarising the issues which came up which were relevant to the community sector, and advising of any action that they feel the PPN should take to respond to them.

The Reps Reports are reviewed by the County Secretariat, which decides how it is most appropriate to respond and sets things in motion.

Appropriate responses might include:

  • organising a meeting to discuss the issue raised by the Rep further and agree a common approach
  • organising a poll of the PPN membership to ascertain how wide the support is for a certain issue
  • alerting PPN member groups to an upcoming deadline, or important change in rules which may affect them
  • commissioning research in order to develop a fuller picture of the issues from a community perspective, so that the rep can then bring this information forward and ask for action

You can view a copy of the template the reps use Rep reporting template 2015

It is crucial that a community rep reports back to their Linkage Group and the PPN. If they don’t, vital information may be missed, leading to opportunities being missed by the community and voluntary sector. We therefore stress to candidates seeking election that they must undertake to report back. A rep which is not linked in is no rep at all.

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