Reps Support

We are very grateful to all our reps for serving the community on the various decision-making structures in Co Monaghan.  We are committed to assisting the reps in every way possible to be an effective voice for the community sector.

When a Rep is appointed, we organise Induction for them. This consists of a two hour workshop where we go over the PPN and their role as a rep. We also go through the functions of the committee on which the rep has been appointed to serve and we talk them through the type of input which they can expect to have to make.

We arrange Linkage Network meetings on a quarterly basis to bring all the Reps together with the Secretariat, paid workers working in the C&V sector, and the Chairs of the Networks affiliated to the PPN.  This provides everyone with an opportunity to exchange information, examine work programmes in advance of meetings and agree how various issues should be approached.

Community Reps at Induction training, February 2015. L to R: Teresa Carolan – Housing SPC rep, Tom Freeman – Housing SPC rep, Brendan McNally – JPC rep, PJ Harte – JPC rep, Eugene Treanor – JPC rep

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