The Statement

Everyone is entitled to well-being and everyone has a responsibility for their own well-being, but some people need extra help to achieve this. When a community comes together, everyone benefits:

  • Individuals benefit physically and mentally from being connected to the place and people around them
  • Communities benefit through the increased support for local services and facilities which comes with an active population
  •  The more vulnerable members of a community benefit from the support and protection afforded them by being cared for within their community

The glue which holds a community together is the connection between people and the many small ways in which neighbours interact and help each other. A strong community is one where people CARE – about their neighbours, about their environment, about the future of their area – and where they DO; in a strong community, people get involved. A strong community is one where people support each other to access the services and opportunities which each person needs in order to live a good standard of life.

Co. Monaghan communities participate in the decisions which affect them, and seek to address the issues facing their community in an inclusive, sustainable way.

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