The PPN is housed within the Office of Community & Enterprise in Monaghan County Council’s main offices, Glen Rd, Monaghan.

Phone: 047 73724

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  1. We are running a number of programmes in Louth and Meath in October and November.

    They are hosted and presented by ourselves, the Family Addiction Support Network and Senator Frances Black’s RISE Foundation.

    The programmes are designed as a safe and secure space in which family members, and others, who are affected by the addictive behaviour of another, can begin a process of recovery and healing. They are presented and facilitated by trained staff from the RISE Foundation, supported by ourselves.

    The Family Addiction Support Network has run a substantial number of these programmes over the last couple of years and have found them to be of incalculable value in the recovery of those whose have seen their own lives destroyed by the addictive behaviour of another family member.

    Two of these courses will be starting on the 4th Of October; one in Drogheda and one in Kells. Another course will be held in Ardee but beginning on the 22nd of November.

    The courses begin at 6.30 pm and run for about three hours, one night a week, for ten weeks.

    There is no charge for these courses, apart from a nominal donation of €50 towards the hire of premises and refreshments. This is not obligatory.

    If you want further information, you could try these links and

    Our mobile number above is available for family support at all times of course.


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