Outline of a Development Plan

Carol Lambe, Community Development Officer with Monaghan County Council, has kindly put together a quick explanation of a  Development Plan – what it is, why every group should have one and what should be in it.

If you’ve got a project in mind, and you’re thinking of applying for funding, we strongly urge you to read this document and consider putting a Development Plan in place before you approach any funders.

It will show any prospective funders:

  • that you are well organised
  • that you have the ability to put projects together (carrying out a community planning exercise is a project in itself)
  • that you have thoroughly considered all your community’s needs and that the project you’re proposing is truly the one which best suits the needs of your area
  • that your group has the support of the community behind you (you will have carried out a public consultation exercise and will be able to point to the results of this as evidence of the public support for your project)
  • that you have thought about how you’re going to run the project, finance it, staff it, keep it going after any grant aid runs out

These are all things a funder will want to know before they consider making an investment in your group.

To read Carol’s guide to a Development Plan, click here