March 2015

The first Plenary of the full PPN membership took place in Corcaghan on 24th March 2015.

The first task with which the PPN has been charged is the preparation of a Community Well-Being Statement. This statement will identify issues which affect the well-being of communities in Co Monaghan and will identify ways in which people’s well-being can be improved.  The issues identified in this Statement will shape the PPN’s priorities for the next few years, and will feed into a number of crucial development plans which will have a bearing on how and where future funding gets used in the county.

Work on identifying these key ‘well-being issues’ started at the Municipal District meetings in January/February.  The output from the three MD workshops was collated and presented to the full Plenary at the March meeting, where groups had a chance to add/ make changes to the issues which had been identified, and to indicate where they thought were of high priority.

This work will now be compiled into a draft Community Well-being Statement, which will be disseminated to PPN member groups for comment before being signed off at the next Plenary meeting.


Agenda March Plenary 2015

Output from Issues Workshop

Overview of PPN


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