Affiliated Networks

A unique feature of Co Monaghan PPN is that we have a number of Networks affiliated to the PPN. This is a legacy from the old Community Forum, and it worked so well that we didn’t want to lose it going forward.

A Network is a group of community organisations which have a lot in common and meet regularly to share information, learn from one another and ‘network’. The stronger, more established groups help out the newer groups, advising them and helping them to get up to speed quicker. When an issue comes up that affects all the groups, they can work collectively on resolving the issue, which as well as being more efficient than several organisations duplicating the same work, gives them more power, more expertise and more of an impact when they lobby for change.

The PPN accommodates the Networks on its Secretariat. We also invite the Chairs of each Network to the Reps Network events, to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop on developments affecting the community & voluntary sector.

To be affiliated to the PPN, a Network must meet the following criteria:

  • be in existence at least 1 year
  • have at least 10 member groups (individuals may also be members of the network, but their number will not count for membership of the PPN)
  • have a Chair
  • have a Constitution
  • have a record of meetings held (ie Minutes and Agendae)
  • the full membership of the Network must meet at least twice a year
    • ie it is not enough that a small ‘steering group’ meets to make decisions affecting the rest of the groups. The whole point of Networks is to give all member groups the opportunity to ‘network’!

The Networks currently affiliated to the PPN are:

  • County Monaghan Community Network Visit website
  • County Monaghan Network of Tidy Towns Groups & Residents Associations Visit website
  • County Monaghan Community Safety Network
  • Monaghan Heritage Network
  • Monaghan Arts Network  Visit website

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