How is the PPN organised?

Membership of the PPN is open to ALL community & voluntary groups which have an address in Co Monaghan. Membership is free of charge.

Groups are organised in two ways within the PPN:
– by the Municipal District they’re located in
– by the type of activity they engage in

Municipal District Membership:

A group which is active in a local area will register with the County PPN, and tick the Municipal District they are located in. They will then be kept in touch with both county PPN activities and activity which is specific to their MD.

A group which is active throughout the county need register with the County PPN only. Its local branches can register in their MD also if they wish.

Which MD am I in?

Have a look at this map, which shows the District Electoral Divisions in each MD:

MD map

If your group covers an area which spans two or more MD’s, you should register under the MD in which the postal address for your group is located. In most cases, this will either be a physical premises (such as a community centre) or the home address of a committee member (who may even live outside the area covered by your group)

Type of Activity (Electoral College)

The groups are organised into three broad types of activity:
Social Inclusion – the core objective of a Social Inclusion group will typically be to support a cohort of people who are marginalised or disadvantaged. Examples include groups which aim to support people with a disability, young people, refugees and asylum seekers, older people, women, and those living in poverty
Environment – the core objective of groups under this heading will be the conservation of the environment. Groups include those concerned with wildlife conservation, the promotion of sustainable living and the promotion of awareness of the impact of climate change
Community & Voluntary – basically, every group which doesn’t fall into one of the first two categories belongs here. Includes sports groups and area development groups.

The three groups created by splitting the membership into these three activities are known as the Electoral Colleges (don’t ask us – it’s all in the Dept Guidelines!)

Sometimes, voting for a particular issue or position may be confined to members of a particular Electoral College or Municipal District, so it’s important to make sure you’re registered correctly.

how to register graphic0

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