Linkage Groups

According to the Dept Guidelines for establishing the PPN, every time the PPN appoints a rep, or multiple reps, onto a committee (such as the Joint Policing Committee), those who attend the meeting which was called by the Secretariat become the Linkage Group for the rep/s to that committee.

The Rep/s should keep in touch with their Linkage Group, and should use them to support them in doing their job as a rep. For example, they might meet to discuss issues, develop policies etc.

It’s up to your group whether they wish to participate in any of the linkage groups. For example, a youth group might think that the Housing, Fire & Civil Protection SPC linkage group has little relevance for its members, so will opt not to participate in this linkage group. They might feel that the work of the Joint Policing Committee in tackling anti social behaviour, drug use and underage drinking is very relevant to them, and may opt to join the JPC Linkage Group.

A group can join/ opt out of a Linkage Group at any time.

A Linkage Group first comes into existence at the meeting called to elect a Rep onto whatever body is seeking community representation. All a group needs to do to join that Linkage Group is to attend the meeting. The group’s contact person will be automatically contacted whenever any news comes back from the Rep on that committee.

The Linkage Groups will meet as required; that is, there is no intended schedule they must stick to. The Rep/s will decide when they need to meet with their Linkage Group. They will ask the PPN Secretariat to set up the meeting on their behalf.

The meeting might be part of a wider PPN event, such as the Spring or Autumn Plenaries, or it might be organised as a stand-alone event. We’ve left the arrangements loose on this, so that the Secretariat can devise a response that best fits each and every Linkage Network.

You can JOIN existing Linkage Groups by completing the form below:

If you wish to UNJOIN a Linkage Network, or DEREGISTER from the PPN, please email


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