Reps Network

The Dept Guidelines suggested that a very complicated system of ‘Linkage Groups’ be set up for every committee on which a Community Rep serves. We’ve simplified this somewhat into ONE group, our Reps Network.

All reps on all committees will attend the Reps Network meeting.

Also invited to attend will be:
– the PPN Secretariat
– The Chairs of the Thematic Networks
– The development officers in the various agencies which support the c&v sector in Co Monaghan (eg Monaghan Integrated Development, Monaghan Co Co)
– The paid workers for various community projects in the county, such as the Family Resource Centres, County Childcare Committee etc

This will enable the reps to simultaneously report back to, and draw on the support and expertise of a wide range of people.

The Reps Network will meet quarterly, and will review the agenda for all upcoming meetings to which a rep is invited. This will help the rep to prepare for the meeting and assist them to participate more actively.

TheReps Network will help to direct the work of the Secretariat, by identifying gaps in knowledge (which may need some research to be commissioned), flagging upcoming publication of plans and strategies (which will require the PPN to organise some consultation events), and helping the PPN to develop positions/ stances on various issues.

This in turn will help our reps to speak with confidence, knowing that they are supported by a weight of data, backed up by opinion gathered through extensive consultation and organised discussions.

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